Island Equipment Products
   - Oxygen
   - Nitrogen
   - Carbon Dioxide
   - Carbon Monoxide
   - Argon
   - Acetylene
   - Nitrous Oxide
   - Helium
   - Hydrogen
   - Chlorine
   - Compressed Air

About Us

Our Values
  • Meet customer expectations all the time;
  • Deliver safe and environmentally acceptable products on time;
  • Operate facilities to ensure employee and community safety;
  • Improve customers' ease of doing business with us; and
  • Remain committed to continuous quality improvement.

Specific Objectives:

We at IECO look to solidify the operations of the Company and propel the Company into a solid and prominent market position in the industrial gas business. Our goal is to serve customers better than any other supplier. Management initiatives include broadening these operations to include new services or retail global franchise activity that enjoys a high rate of return upon investment while increasing the quality of life within our community.
To accomplish these goals we have developed a comprehensive plan to review and refine our operations, intensify and accelerate our marketing activities, product lines, services expansion, distribution and customer service.

The Staff and Management of the Island Equipment Company intend to:

  • Provide consistent quality service that bespeaks of our commitment to customer satisfaction;
  • Lead the region in compliance and safety as applied to all industrial lines within the ambit of our portfolio;
  • Maintain and extend our business activities in such a manner that such will contribute to the overall fabric of life in the Western Pacific;
  • Review all corporate operations in light of our stated effort to apply best practices;
  • Develop business initiatives based upon opportunity, need and justification for the deployment of corporate assets;
  • Invest in organizations and initiatives that improve or enhance our community and the future of society; and
  • Be ever vigilant to assist in the national defense by maintaining reasonable and appropriate security in light of the effective national level of threat.




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