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Hydrostatic Testing

Island Equipment Company is the only facility authorized by the USDOT for hydrostatic testing in the region. We provide a complete cylinder requalification and maintenance process in compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

Hydrostatic testing, sandblasting , cleaning, and painting of compressed gas cylinders. 
For hydrostatic testing, we are using the state of the art computerized and automated Galiso Recortest Open.   It is a procedure to test the integrity of a cylinder following the parameters that were set forth by the US DOT. Pressurized cylinders have explosive potential.  Testing frequency depends upon the specification of the cylinders,  it could be every 5 years and some are 3 years period. # C789 is the Requalifier Identification Number(RIN) that was issued by the US DOT.

In order to maintain the integrity of the test equipment and technicians, the US DOT conducts a quintennial audit and issuance of certificate to operate depends on the result of the audit.  Cleaning of the cylinders have to meet the requirement of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA).  Cleaning includes removal of oil and dirt that have accumulated in the internal and exterior surface of the cylinders.  Sandblasting or shotblasting is a process to strip the paint so a visual   inspection can be carried out in preparation for painting.  Interior cleaning is accomplished by using approved degreaser and tumbling media that can remove corrosion, dirt and oil and hot washed  and dried by hot air. 

Our hydrostatic testing technicians have been trained at the Galiso factory headquarter in Montrose , Colorado .  In addition, for our visual inspection, we have on hand the new Visual Plus / Eddy Current Tets Equipment. Luxfer ( Scuba cylinders manufacturer) has issued new ruling on 7/17/00 for inspection of Luxfer Aluminum Scuba Cylinders.  Luxfer mandates the use Eddy Current Testing and further list Visual Eddy as an approved unit.  Therefore with Island Equipment Company your Scuba cylinders are in the hands of the professionals.


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